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    Sounds like you wanted to brainwash me so I'd do whatever you wanted.

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    "Who’s Naga?"
    "My best friend!"

  6. I hate the “adult” I grew up to be. I never envisioned myself being this way

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    i really don’t want to get out of bed i just want to sleep for a couple of days

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    I literally have so much anxiety I cannot even sleep. I’m stressing the hell out. I woke up late for my shift at work today and I never ended up calling out and I feel so fucking anxious and nervous because I feel like I’m going to be fired when I go in tomorrow. I’m such a fucking IDIOT ugh I’m not going to get any sleep tonight

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     LOK: picspam per episode

    s02e06 - Beginnings, Part 1

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Super Trooper (Sand) by Liam Brazier


    Super Trooper (Sand) by Liam Brazier

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